CoinFi Interview with Loi Luu, Founder of Kyber

Coinfi with Lio Luu from kyber
We’re here with Loi Luu Founder of Kyber and we’re at Token 2049 Do you want to tell us a fun fact about yourself? So I just got my PhD 3 months ago. The thing is I started Kyber before I finished it. When the school found out, they realised I didn’t have time for my PhD anymore, so they pushed me up the school and asked me to graduate early. So the moral of the story is, if you want to finish a PhD early, you should do an ICO ;)

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Timothy Tam Interviews NEO Founder Da Hong Fei

Thank you Da for your time I appreciate it. We’re at Token2049 in Hong Kong and CoinFi would love to learn more about NEO. Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself that not many people know? “If I shave my mustache, I will save 15 minutes every day.” So a good Xmas gift to you is to send you an electric razor haha!

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CoinFi’s Open Beta Is Live

We’ve come a long way in the two months since we launched COFI on KuCoin. It’s been an even longer journey since we launched our Telegram channel back in late summer 2017. Even though this is our first public product release, this isn’t a full-fledged platform launch - it’s just the first dash out of the blocks in a race to build a platform that will be the first destination in every crypto investor’s workflow.

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CoinFi Interview With Wanchain Founder

CoinFi attended Token2049 and had the chance to interview Founder of Wanchain, Jack Lu. Check out the video below if you're interested to hear more about what Wanchain are excited about in 2018!

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Thoughts On Marketing Strategy Plus A Peek At CoinFi’s UI

Another week, another turbulent seven days in the crypto markets. If you’re here for the long term though, coins are on sale!

Marketing & Growth Hacking

We received several queries this week about marketing plans for the CoinFi April 6 open beta release. Some of you have wondered why you're not seeing a big hyped-up marketing push. In order to focus on delivering the best possible product, April 6 is a soft release, where we roll out a product skeleton and start gathering user feedback. Over the coming weeks, we'll be testing and integrating more features while gathering real user data. Although there are no fireworks planned for April 6, this is also a great opportunity to share more about our longer term marketing philosophy and a bit of what goes on behind the scenes.

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Da Hong Fei of NEO, Jack Lu of WanChain At Token2049. ICOs + CoinFi = Big Data

Another week, another 7 days flown by. Does it feel like time goes by faster as we get closer to April 6?

Interviews With Da Hong Fei of NEO, Jack Lu of WanChain, Max Kordek of Lisk, Loi Luu of Kyber Network

Last week, we sent 5 members of the CoinFi team to Token2049. While we’re frequently amazed at the rapid pace of evolution in the crypto space, it’s always humbling to see this innovation in person. The one theme we observed at Token2049 - and one that we predicted from the beginning – was that institutionalization is quickly coming to the crypto space. While the industry is still quite immature compared to traditional finance, the infrastructure for this fledging new asset class is being created at this very moment - and it’s happening incredibly fast. The rate of change in the crypto industry is truly astonishing. It’s hard to predict where this industry will be in a few months time, let alone a few years, but we spoke to several industry leaders who shared their insights.

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Token2049 Is Happening March 20-21 & Looking For A Content Marketing Ninja

Another week of development, another 3 weeks until CoinFi's open beta launch. It’s been another busy week of grinding for the CoinFi team.

Token2049 Happening This Week

Token2049, the largest digital asset event in Asia, is happening March 20-21 in Hong Kong. As an official media partner, CoinFi will be in attendance to talk with some of the brightest minds in Asia’s crypto scene and bring their insights to the CoinFi platform.

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A Look At The CoinFi Airdrop, Data Crunching, & UX

Another week, another crank of the flywheel for the CoinFi team. While there’s still many months of work ahead of us, every week we see a bit more progress towards a platform that will be the first destination in every crypto investor’s workflow.

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Quantifying the Ian Balina Effect: What Happens After Ian Mentions an ICO?

Ian Balina Effect
Like most of the ICO space, the CoinFi team follows the work of Ian Balina - a massive influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers across Telegram, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook. His endorsement is widely believed to have a huge impact on the success of an ICO. Most people in the ICO space would agree that at this point, a positive mention by Balina gives a lot of exposure for an ICO. But what is the impact of an Ian Balina mention? Read on to learn how we quantified the Ian Balina effect.

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